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Christmas Celebration

Christmas is a time of celebration. All around the world, families gather together and share a big meal. What a wonder it is to gather in celebration of our coming King. Yet so many are not able to gather to celebrate.

This year Brothers in Arms held its 4th Annual Christmas celebration with Blantyre's street connected youth. With help from Flood Church Blantyre and Grace Chapel in Colorado, we were able to distribute gift bags to 121 youth (Twelve were our students). Inside the gift bags included sugar, salt, rice, maize flour, soy pieces, salt, laundry soap, body soap, and tea. More importantly we shared the gospel, played games and encouraged the youth. It is our hope that they would know they are loved and seen.

This was the second opportunity for our students to rise up as leaders, being an example of hope and transformation. We hope that those who currently live on the street would be encouraged and inspired. We are continually encouraged by the transformation and maturity of our students.

Thank you to all of our supporters this year who have helped us in our ministry amongst Blantyre's street connected youth. We look forward with hope and expectation for what will take place in 202.3.

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