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Developing Character

Since the start of Brothers in Arms in 2018, we have always believed that sports were a valuable part of our ministry. Being physically active and playing sports are a way of releasing energy, but more importantly it builds character. At the beginning of our ministry, we had sports days where we did different physical activities. We now focus on soccer as our sport. Through playing soccer, our boys learn discipline, teamwork, overcoming disappointment and to think not only for oneself.

We recently played a match against a neighbouring school. One of our students didn't want to leave the field to sub with another student. After the match the team had a conversation about how it is a team sport, and everyone deserves a chance to play, and that it is selfish to want to play longer. Often times people who live on the streets and have to fend for themselves are used to caring for themselves and not for others. We take joy in the small opportunities to grow together as a team and to work towards being good stewards of our lives.

During the same match, Pastor Asante put on a jersey to play alongside the students to show servant leadership; that we value Jesus' teaching to be servant leaders, and that as a leader he is not above them but with them.

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