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Dining Hall

We are so thankful for all the support that has come in from around the world to help build Brothers in Arms Community Impact Center. We see the Lord's favour and blessing in every corner of the project.

During our beginning seasons, Brothers in Arms operated out of a small house in Mbayani and then out of Pastor Asante's house. In 2020 we received money from a donor in Switzerland. He and his son had done a bike ride to raise money for projects in Africa. With this money we bought the first piece of land that our buildings are on. He visited in February and through his time here was able to raise more funds for the projects. One of the projects he was passionate about was having an enclosed space for the students to eat their meals. As is common, the amount it will take to finish this building is more than we expected. We are in need of 2,059,000K ($2550usd) in order to complete the finishings for this building.

The dining hall will have electricity, water and a space to serve the students.

If you feel led to make a contribution towards this project, please contact us so we can direct you in how to do so!

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