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Growing in Sustainability

In August we began the next phase at our Community Impact Center: growing in sustainability. Our goal is to reduce our monthly expenses by having our own water source to farm and raise livestock.

Our borehole well not only provides water for our needs, but also for the needs of the community who are welcome to draw water from it.

We are thankful to have Matt Sommers helping us for a while on his School of Sustainability outreach. He has put to use concepts learned during his school which has helped to organize and plan for our farm. We are starting our farm with growing corn, pigeon peas and potatoes. The building you see is for our pigs and chickens. We hope that by January we will be gaining profit off our 6 female pigs and 1 male. We also hope that by December we will have chicken eggs to eat and sell.

Beyond helping to sustain our ministry and lower our costs, we have already seen the fruit of the spiritual and physical purpose of the farm; to create purpose and foster discipline and hard work with our students.

As the school year closes, our ministry will transition from being a secondary school program to a home and family styled ministry. We will send our current eager students to a christian run school a few miles down the road to continue their education. We will welcome 8 new students in to our program and keep 2 students who are not as school motivated.

Our vision for the next season of our ministry is to focus on catch up education with new students and to use farming as a tool to grow character development, discipline and business skills.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged us on this journey!

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