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The Good Father Who Never Forgets

A common question among Christians is "how many times do we forgive before we cut someone off?" This is especially common amongst ministries working with individuals struggling with addiction. This is even a discussion we often have as a team!

Jesus teaches us to forgive seventy seven times. His gospel stories are filled with stories of forgiveness. As a ministry, we strive to live our lives according to the gospel.

We see beyond the brokenness and bad behaviour and see the son of God in each student. This doesn't mean we allow our students to walk all over us, but it means that we extend forgiveness. We also have rules and boundaries, and when they are continually challenged, we have had to let students go. Often times we see these students return.

A few years ago we received support to send one of our students to a mechanic apprenticeship, as he did not thrive in school. He did well for a while, but life on the streets pulled him away from our community. We had to cut him off. He suffered over the years and could be seen digging through trash in the city.

A few months ago he returned to the Masanche family's home to apologise. Of course he was forgiven and Asante began discipling him once again.

We do not forget about our students, just as our Good Father never forgets about us. We at times have to discipline and release students from our program, but our arms are always open to receive them back when they are ready to grow again.

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