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Visits from the US

We were blessed with a visitor from the US! Our ministry has financial partners across the US and in Switzerland. One of our biggest helpers in raising support has been Mr. Ron Willett, aka Whitney's dad. Mr. Willett first came to Malawi in 2018. This is when he met Asante and heard his vision to reach street connected youth. During that visit he bought Bibles for each of the boys who attended Asante's church at that time. Over the years he has helped raise support for the ministry through his friends and community. He was the bridge to Grace Chapel, a church in Colorado who has funded the majority of the building project for the Community Impact Center.

Ron was also able to bring a suitcase full of clothes from Be the Light Ministry in Iowa. This church has been huge in helping run the daily operations of Brothers in Arms. In December they collected clothes for each of the boys. What a fun belated Christmas celebration it was to receive clothes and gifts from the US.

The purpose of this trip was to check out the building and ministry first hand, meet the guys and to be an advisor to the leadership team as we make decisions going forward on how to grow and sustain the ministry. We had a week filled with meetings, fellowship and fun.

We ended the week with a braii (bbq for the Americans) where we celebrated all God has done and how far he has brought us all. The night ended with speeches of gratitude, dancing and some awesome recitations of the Bible.

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