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An Expanding Boundary

When we first received a large donation in 2020, we knew we wanted to buy land. After looking at a few options, we bought land 11 miles outside of Blantyre in a town called Lunzu. We bought it in expectation that God would continue what He started. Over the next two years, we struggled financially. There were months that our needs were met, but there were many months that we lacked the ability to feed the boys. W discussed as a team that the boys might need to be released until more funds came in. It was at our moment of greatest lack that we received news from a church in the United States that they were interested in supporting the monthly needs for the ministry. We were once again filled with hope. Towards the end of 2021 another church came on board, this time to help us establish the first phase of building our ministry impact center.

Since we began building we have seen one gift after another. A sponsor was moved to purchase more land so that we could have a small soccer field and more space on the property. We thank God for his provision and the way His people have listened to the promptings of the Spirit to support our project.

We are filled with faith that this coming year will be filled with even greater blessings than we know how to anticipate. In the coming weeks we will be sharing how you can come on board to fill this space with books, desks and more. Stay tuned to hear how you can partner with us to reach Blantyre's homeless youth.

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