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Eleven. We believe that there are eleven young men that have come across our path to be mentored, encouraged and educated. As we have watched these young men come and go through our classes, church services and and activities, there are eleven that stand out. They each have a unique story that has brought them to living on the streets, doing whatever they can to find something to eat. Many of them sell single use plastic bags to shoppers in the markets, while others have been more innovative and use a wheelbarrow to help passengers at the train station lug their bags to their cars.

They have been begging us, asking us when classes will resume. As our funds have been depleted, we have taken a pause in our classes over the past few months. But our heart has not stopped beating for these boys. As our pause comes to a close, we move forward with new vision, determination and heart for these youth. We are honing in on 11 boys; coming along side them to bring education and further their skills in cane furniture making. These are the guys who consistently show up to class, have shown growth in their character and a desire to see change take place in their lives. As we work together to raise support, we hope that classes can resume soon.

In the meantime, we have started having a sports day every Thursday afternoon. The boys come, play a little soccer, share a meal and receive encouragement.

Today we met as a team to create short bios for each of the boys in hopes that we can get sponsorship for each of them to attend our classes. To run our school we are in need of $500 monthly support. This covers renting the house, paying the teachers, operational supplies and providing a hot meal. If you are interested in supporting our project we are looking for sponsorships for each boy. With $45usd monthly you will be helping one of the young, bright men of Blantyre.

We believe that through education, mentorship and encouragement these young men will have a brighter future. Please contact us for more info!

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