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2021 started with a bang as Covid ravaged Blantyre. Brother's Keeper quickly sold the chickens and shut down the chicken operations until things settled down. This meant more time for studying and tutoring. Brother's Keeper's speedy catch up classes are the backbone of what we do. Since the guys spent much of their lives on the streets, they have been in need of personalised tutoring that takes their needs into consideration. In February I got the chance to interview a few of the guys. With their permission I will share their stories and photos.

Through Brother's Keeper program, Alfred has learned about the goodnesses and glory of God. His life has been transformed through the teachings he has received. All of this has helped him to reconnect with God. Through the program he has learned business skills; how to plan for and manage a small business. With the ups and downs of selling chickens he has also learned how to deal with customers in a peaceful way, even if they don't treat him the same. Alfred has loved the catch up school so much that he hopes his whole life is centred around growing his education. He hopes to go to college and study mechanical engineering.

Moses is the 4th born in a family of 8. Due to the size of his family and money problems he wasn't able to attend school and therefore was not able to read or write until he joined Brother's Keeper. Through the program he has learned to do these things along with gaining business skills, learning to cook, make friends and deepen his relationship with God and has a desire to deepen and grow that relationship. While shy in personality, Moses is responsible and a hard worker, and therefore was given more responsibility in the group from the beginning and has been leading the small business project of raising chickens. Through Brother's Keeper Initiative, among the many things Moses has learned how to do; he now knows how to start a business, maintain it and make profit. The transformation among the young men of Brother's Keeper is powerful. A group of men who used to beg and cause trouble in the street now walk with dignity, have learned how to manage conflict, maintain a business, are now attending school, are motivated to finish and most importantly, they walk more intimately with their Creator. It is only through God that Brother's Keeper has been sustained, and we thank Him for the ways he has provided for this ministry big and small. We are excited about 2021 (even though it's already April!) and we look forward to what God will do this year. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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